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Welcome to the future of professional on-demand staffing

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Professional Project Staffing Made Easy

For recruiters, GoStaffer is the ultimate source for finding professional project staff with just a few clicks of your mouse. Be the H.R. star that fills positions in hours instead of weeks.

For professionals, GoStaffer puts you in control of your own work-life balance. You can control both your calendar of availability as well as the hourly rate you want to make for your expertise. And best of all, this service is completely free!

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How it Works

The GoStaffer team has created a platform that automates the temporary professional project staffing process. Talent acquisition turnaround time can be as quick as a few hours instead of the traditional days or even weeks. The GoStaffer platform allows candidates to create their profile, post their resume and show a calendar of when they are available to work.

This makes it easy for recruiters to search for candidates by key words, titles of project names to find available talent across the United States. In addition, GoStaffer’s automated time sheets and approval process make payment and payroll processing seamless.

Why We’re Different

Here are just a few of the many benefits that we offer with our service:

  • Employers can search by keywords, past experience and project names.

  • Employers can make offers and negotiate the hourly rate.

  • Employers can approve time sheets and make payments automatically.

  • Employers have access to easy payment processing.

  • Employers can make offers instantly.

  • Candidates can select their own hourly rate.

  • Candidates can keep their own calendar of availability.

  • Candidates can be found, instead of hunting for contract work.

  • Candidates can enter into negotiations to get the best rate.